Our Big Fat Indian Wedding- Part I: Hindu Wedding !


So far there was no reason for us to come here, UNTIL we got invited to our fiends wedding. Together with bunch of people from Singapore we landed in Mumbai for a crazy weekend,full of beautiful ceremonies, traditional parties and luxurious Indian food.

Since we are lucky, we got to experience not 1 but 2 Indian weddings, because the young couple comes from families of different religions- Shika is Hindu and Aman is Sikh.

First on the agenda was Hindu Wedding in the morning. Michao claimed, that it was only for family members, but when I came down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast, everybody was already dressed (or semi dressed) in Indian outfits. I swallowed my food quickly, run upstairs and put on a simple dress- my saree had to wait until I have some more time for preparations (saree is actually a long strip of material that is supposed to be wrapped around the body in a very particular way, which takes at least 15min and 2 Indian girl-friends).  The ceremony started soon after that, and continued for few hours. Although we didn’t understand what was going on for the most of it, it was nice to look at (especially that there was a professional camera filming all the rituals closed-up, so the guests could watch the details on the screens, placed in the seating area). Take a look!

I. Hindu Wedding!

::me and my own Indian- Michao::

::the hall of our hotel turned into a wedding reception. The main function took place in the room in the background::

::no idea what was happening here ::

:: the Singaporean team! Large but superfun group of young-couple’s friends::

::Aman’s looking rather hesitantly… He was laughing throughout the whole ceremony, which we took as a sign of happiness. Only later he explained, that as a Sikh (not Hindu) he doesn’t know this ceremony very well, and wasn’t sure what to do next and if he does things correctly::

::performing small hindu wedding rituals in front of an open fire – in the hotel room..?why not:P ::

::the strangest and most contrast thing to the western weddings, was the overall chaos. The guest were coming in and out of the hall, eating, talking and taking pictures as they wish::

::some more rituals..::

::how beautiful are their wedding outfits? I was absolutely blown away!::

::yup- that ceremony was veeeery long…::

::Just Married! at least for Shikha’s side of family::

::Finally! 😀 Time for congratulations…::

::Happy bride:)::

::… and selfies with the beautiful bride:: 

The rest of that day we spend on sightseeing – check out the last post! –

II. Mehendi, or ‘henna party’

The next day, girls woke up early for so-called Mehendi. Thinking that it would be rather small affair (only girls were initially invited and it was around the lunchtime), I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a giant ball room in a 5* star hotel, opposite the place we were staying. It housed not only dreamy ‘tents’ with colorful curtains for the henna painters, but also a bar, dance floor, set of dining tables and huge amounts of food in the adjacent room. What started as a henna painting, quickly turned into crazy party with free-flow of drinks and wild dancing! And all that before the actual Wedding Party (‘Sangeet’),  that was supposed to happen later in the evening…

::My first henna party! Indian henna is actually a dark-brown paste that dries out and fall off leaving the orange paint (and smell!) on the skin for about 2 weeks. The most difficult part of this experience is to leave the henna to dry, which meant not to touch anything for 2hrs- not even a cup of fresh coffee served to you by the waiter!::

:::the patterns are improvised and different every time::

::the party getting started – can you spot the bar at the background? Apparently it is not only Polish wedding, where people start to ‘have fun’ from the early morning;D::

::what you can’t see here is a large delicious buffet in the adjacent room …::

::…so not only you can enjoy delicious drinks but also that amazing Indian food – unlimited…  yum but also – ouch!::

::surprise no 23846: disco lights and fun club music, with the western songs mixed into Indian style- it was awesome! If you haven’t clicked  in the beginning of the post, here’s your second chance: ::

::drinking,eating, dancing – and all that around the lunch time, BEFORE the actual wedding party…::

::the young couple finally arrives in yet another set of insanely beautiful outfits::

:: yes- I am somewhere there , can you see me..?:P::

::who said that the ‘photo opportunity swing’ is for  couples pics only? Michao socializing & making new Indian friends after few drinks..::

:: Beishi got tired;) and guys could not miss the photo opportunity..::

This would be enough for me already but (!) few wedding ceremonies were still ahead of us. Including: Sangeet, where we dance an Indian dance in front of actual Indians, official party in a groom’s house in the centre of Mumbai and the Sikh wedding…

Part II coming soon!


This time pics not only by us but also whole bunch of people- thanks to all the friends that shared their pic in the whatsapp group!:*:*:*

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