Our Big Fat Indian Wedding- Part II: Sangeet!

“The word Sangeet  means music, but when it is used as a term to describe a celebratory event during an Indian wedding it translates to Music Night or Musical party. This musical night is a celebration of the union of not only the couple but the bonding of both families. It is here that both sides bring down their barriers and mingle in a fun environment.” [1] Sounds familiar?:) Yes- its an Indian version of what we all know as a wedding reception.  I am often surprised how similar other cultures are to mine, and celebrating Sangeet in Mumbai felt like a fun alternate universe. Everything was stunningly similar but… with an Indian twist!

1. The dress code.

Let me start with something most obvious…  Being a guest at a wedding normally means dressing-up accordingly to the occacion –  elegant,  formal, rather in neutral tones, right? Well, in India there in no such thing as neutral tones, but wait to see their version of elegant outfit :

::: one of the most fun experience for us was just to wear those amazing outfits!:::

::beautiful bride and groom::

Before coming to India we got instructions from Shikha, that for this night we should prepare an Indian outfit that is both: sexi and convenient to dance in.  Also, that this is the night to show off, and we should wear the most colorful and blingiest clothes and jewelry. Shikha recomeded Lengha – for girls-  an elegant crop top paired with long skirt, and Kurtha -for boys- a knee-length shirt and tight pants ( so tight that at the end of the party – after all the crazy dancing- boys where comparing who has the biggest holes in them:P!)

*fun fact* all the Western boys were wearing Indian outfits, whereas Indian men went for… western style shirts and suit pants!

*fun fuct no2* guess what I wore …  I finally managed to get somebody to dress me in my amazing saree, only to find out, that its the most inconvenient thing I could wear for the occasion! I was walking like geisha throughout the whole party, and was almost unable to perform our dancing routine…

2. Dance performances … by family members and friends (yup-that’s us)

I got used to see the bride&groom performing the first dance to some romantic song, while all the guest are watching , but … it never came to my mind that hey, why the friends and family wont get some limelight and perform as well??

Shikha taught us 3 different routines-one for all of us, when we ‘introduce’ the couple to the party, one for girls only and another for boys only. The rehearsals started few weeks before the wedding and ended… 5min before the show.

We managed to click a few (before-all-the-drinks) fancy photos, grab a drink for courage and… all the Indian eyes were on us. Yes- we danced at an Indian wedding in front of an Indian crowd…wait-for-it…  bollywood style! Moreover, we danced at the very beginning, when everybody was still paying attention. It turned out that many family members wanted to warm themselves in a spotlight for a few minutes – in pairs (wife-husbands), trios (parents+kid), same-sex groups and many many other combos…

::: Shikha and Aman performing their first dance – Bollywood style of course!:D :::
:::female cousins performing their dance::: 

:: the scariest and most fun moment of the wedding- entering the stage to dance in Bollywood style in front of Indians…::

3. Food and Booze

The food is always one of the best part of the wedding ceremonies. We know Indian food already from Singapore, but of course, when catered in India by the best in the industry, it is unbelievably tasty! Free flow of fancy (or just pure alcohol) drinks made everybody let loose (if the funky Indian beat didn’t do the job already).

4. Dancing on the open floor 

This was a time to go crazy and release all the energy we have left to the funkiest and loudest Bollywood music!

::last ones on the dancefloor- yay!:D::

::Nihar posing on the Young Couple Seat, from which they watched the performances::

The biggest surprise was that the party finished quite early ( ok, Im Polish, so for me 1-2am is early, since Polish wedding can last up to 7-8am..;). Michao was particularly disappointed and wanted to keep parting and go clubbing, but most of peops preferred to go to sleep and …not being a zombie the next morning on the Sikh Wedding…



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