Hawaii Hikes

“I don’t need therapy, I need to go hiking in Hawaii”

Why nobody told me that Hawaii is such a magnificent hiking destination..? I’ve always imagined it as a postcard-perfect beaches, hula-dance and general chill in a Hawaiian flowers Lei Garland , sipping tiki coctails.  Turns out that Hawaii has an incredibly adventurous vibe in the air! You can do hikes, waterfall trails, helicopter rides and more. Here’s photo-story from a few hikes that I had a chance to do there.

I. Makapu‘u Point Lighthouse Trail

:::  Natural hiking area with paved trail & overlook, ocean views, lighthouse & whale-watching opportunity. Pretty easy and incredibly rewarding! ::: 

:::: Stunning views of the coast and the dreamy, deep blue sea stretching to the horizon… ::::

::: How did I get here? Again, thanks to the Couchsurfing! One of the locals posted on the CS Honolulu facebook wall that she’s going to Makapu’u and has 3 free seats in her car <3  :::

::: After hiking all the way up you can get down the cliff to check out the black lava, blowholes and if the ocean is real :::

::: Highlight of the day- floating in the peaceful coastal tide pools while the ocean waves crushing around ::::

::: Entry to the next lookout : Lanai 🙂 ::::

::: If you don’t feel like walking – roadtrips by the Oahu shores are stunning just by themselves :::

II. Koko Crater Trail, Oahu

Better known as “Koko Head Stairs” ( or ‘Leg killer’ ) is your StairMaster workout for the day, with a better-be-good panoramic view to hope for.  Free endurance and strength test,- you would challenge yourself to take every additional step up the mountain as you stride over 1050 of them to reach the top! Koko Head trail is a popular after-work workout for Honolulu people (Honolunians?).

 This abandoned railway is a a  World War II relict -the military created it to reach the lookout pillbox  and haul cargo and supplies up to the top.

::: There is a mark every 100 steps to let you know how many more to conquer;)  The last stretch is pretty steep -to the point that you are climbing rather than walking up! :::

::: Looooove those cliff’s ridges! :::

:::Only ~8000 km to the next land – Philippines:) :::

:::  Climbing above the old military bunker at the top there are some amazing panoramic views ::: 

III. Crouching Lion, Oahu

Got there by public bus from Haleiwa, that took 1.5hrs, so when I saw the area is closed – of course I went in anyway ..

::: The trail is pretty clear but sometimes simply disappears in the thick greenery, leaving you looking for pieces of cloth tied to the trees that marks where you should go :::

::: There are points in the very beginning that are just walls of rocks and roots- luckily somebody left a rope :::

::: This hike turned out to be more epic than I’ve imagined…::::


::: You can climb all the way up there.. and more! the trail just continuous along the ridge :::  


:::: Soaking in the view ::: 

::: It got pretty dangerous on the last stretch ::::

::: Wild hike! Now I see why it is closed. No railings, no clear paths- just you and the nature of a steep, rocky cliff- I absolutely loved it. ::::

Considering that this time I was alone, there was nobody on the trail and there was a storm coming- I was battling my thoughts at what point should I stop and turn around ( you really don’t want go down this steep,rocky route if it get slippery from rain)

 ::: Peak that I climbed-view from below :::

::: Mom I’m fine :::

IV. Okolehao Hiking Trail, Kauai

As you already know- I didn’t do much hiking in Kauai because I was too spoiled with the most awesome view just outside my couchsurfing house. Also- it is way less touristy than Oahu and there is only a basic public transport so it was more difficult to get around. After few days of just enjoying the north shore’s  beaches and towns, I met a fellow Couchsurfer girl – Dahn, and we check out a nearby trail together- Okolehao.

::: Mud mud mudddd- the signature hiking feature of Kauai – the most rainy of all Hawaiian islands ::::

::: Life-hack for Kauai hikers- wear your swimming shoes!:) The trail is wet and so muddy that any other shoes would be ruined anyway and later on you can just wash them in the stream;) :(Yes- I was hiking with a tiny,pink backpack- that’s what happen when you go for 2 weeks in Hawaii with only 7kg hand-luggage) ::

More of stunning Kauai pics in the next post!


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