Thai moto-Trip

One of the most fun (end easy in Asia) thing to do while I’m in a new place is to rent a motorbike and drive around independently. My Singaporean license allows me to ride only small bikes, so when I got a chance to try out this heavy 500cc baby I initially rented it for 1 day only, to see if I can manage it.

Highly recommended motorbike rental in Chiang Mai- cheap, nice, no issues or deposit scams:

Fun fact-nobody check your license when you rent a bike in Thailand. So as long as you can ride and feel confident- you can get your dream bike and hope you won’t encounter traffic police..
… and if you do- the fine is not that high;) (~20$, and as Mr Policeman put it – it lasts for 48hrs, so keep the receipt)

::: Our majestic motorbike (on the left) in comparison to a lame scooter with similar engine power to my Singapore bike ūüôĀ (on the right) :::¬†

::: Fun fun funnnnn! I just love the speed, the independence and freedom of riding ::::

Day 1: Doi Inthanon

We decided to go for a short 2.5hr ride outside Chiang Mai to the nearby attraction -Doi Inthanon.

We made it!:) To be honest I had no idea¬†that Doi Inthanon is the highest peak (2,565¬†m!) in Thailand … I thought it’s just a pretty temple. Luckily there was a board to inform us about it.

Day 2&3 : Paitopia

We had so much fun that we decided to extend our rental for another day, and drive slightly further, to a little mountain town called Pai.

:::: Riding for few hours you are totally exposed to a strong SE Asian sun so better cover up! :::

::: The routs to Doi Inthanon and Pai ::

The road starts easy, via the main highway but then it gets very steep and snaky (of course no pictures from difficult part as always- I know I am a great blogger :P). When you survive the difficult part you are rewarded with this beautiful sight:: 

::: Scenic views from Pai Historical Bridge :::

Getting to Pali took several hours and we stopped only few times on the way: for lunch and (of course) coffee, strawberries ( there is a farm nearby) and gasoline.

::: Fully-automated petrol station in the middle of nowhere in Thailand’s jungle :::

There are many more things to do/see on the way there but we wanted to spend a maximum amount of time in Pali, since we had only that one afternoon – we had a flight back to Singapore on the next day so had to head back before dusk to make it to the airport).

::: Our cute little hostel in Pai, were the but by this pool is ~8$ a night :::

::: The hostel name -Paitopia- is more than accurate<3 ::::

I never forget the moment after few hrs of a difficult ride, when we end up in this peaceful, green mountain oasis with a cool Chang Beer on a comfy sofa…

After a refreshment we hopped back on a bike and went on exploring the beautiful surroundings of Pai:

Big Buddha:

Pai Canyon:

Evening Parade and dancing with locals: 

We woke before dusk the next day to drive Agata back to Chiang Mai for her flight. Those several foggy morning hours were really difficult and it was freezing cold in my thin jacket borrowed from Agata. Somehow it did not occur to me that in the mountains in the morning can be cold, even if it is tropical Thailand (‘tropical scientist’ rulezz).¬†













::: Well deserved first hot(!) coffee after we conquered the most difficult mountain part on the way back to Chiang Mai. If you look closer you will notice how red&swollen my hands became from the cold :::


::: I will miss you! :::

That was our very last day in Thailand. When I flew back to Singapore, my own bike was waiting for me at the Changi airport. Only then I realized how unstable and weak is my little Honda (#sometimesitsbetternottoknow).



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