About Me

Hey there:)

I am Marlena and I am a scientist. Since English is the language of science everywhere in the world – and  I can’t sit in one place for too long – I can work at any destination in the world that would hire me. I have been studying in Poland and Spain, and in the meantime working in Malaga, London, and  Santa Cruz de Tenerife. That’s why when I got an internship offer from a small country in tropical South-East Asia, I didn’t hesitate for a second (and luckily my boyfriend Michal didn’t mind and even followed me few months later).

Now, we are still in that little country because it turned out to be one of the most awesome thing that happened to us. Singapore is beautiful, kind, extremely innovative, futuristic and… has the best airport in the world! And that means you can easily (and cheaply) travel to all exotic countries in a neighborhood – Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and many many more.
Our job as a scientist is very demanding and yet despite of that (or maybe because of that?) we still find a way to travel often.
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